A. Rothuis

Who am I?

My name is Alex Rothuis, a software engineer who appreciates well-crafted code regardless of programming language. Currently, I work as a Freelance Software Developer, Consultant and Trainer under the name Chamber of Code. Before this, I worked as a Software Developer for companies like Ibuildings and NEP and I was a Software Development lecturer at the HU University of Applied Sciences.

I value high-quality, empathic and ethical software, built using a principled approach, a thorough process and a suitable architectural foundation and continuously verified through (automated) tests.

While in law school, software development captured my interest because I wanted to make a legal knowledge system. This motivated me to learn as much about software quality, architecture and development as possible.

I finished my legal masters in both Dutch Civil Law and Information and Technology Law, but decided to pursue a career in software. I am a full-time software engineer — if I’m not on the job, I often work on a side-project, watch a conference talk or read a book, article or blog post about software.

Interested in meeting, sparring or just talking? LinkedIn and Twitter are preferred ways of reaching out to me.

Articles are updated on a regular basis to add nuance, more information or recent insights. The repository, containing a commit history of articles, can be found on GitLab.

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